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A hotel with a collection of 45,000 books

By: ExtraFunnyPicture On: October 31, 2017
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  • The Obidos village, which is located in Portugal, has an interesting hotel. The hotel is named "The Literary Man", and it has an incredible collection of books of as many as 45,000 books. .... So if you love the written word, surely you will not be bored in it!
    The strange hotel "The Literary Man" was opened two years ago, and for this time it has become known as the best hotel for book lovers.
    The collection of books is constantly on the rise, and most of them are in English. They are located at every step of this hotel, bookshelves decorate all the walls of the hotel, and most of them are in the central dining room, where guests and comrades gather.
    Of course, every hotel room has its own wall of books, and they are located even in the basement of the hotel! All books are different from genres from well-known novels to gastronomic books.hotel the literary man with 45 thousand titlesAnd if it happens to you when you find a good book in a hotel, and you do not arrive read it during your stay at the hotel you can take a book with you because most of the hotel's books are for sale.In fact, in the "The Literary Man" hotel you can find some ancient rarities whose price reaches even $ 550. Nevertheless, the majority of visitors like to bring a book to this hotel and thus contribute to a rich collection of books

    "Our guests are delighted to bring the book because they have the feeling that they are increasing our collection. Those who do not have with them at the time of their arrival are usually sent by post later. In fact, our collection is growing fast, and I think it will soon by the end of the year reaching a figure of 100,000 titles, "the hotel's deputy told the media.
    Of course, "The Literary Man" is not the only hotel of its kind in the world, but it certainly was the hotel with the largest collection.!
    Also in New York there is "The Library Hotel", which has a collection of 6,000 books, "The Nines" in Portland which has about 3,000 titles, as well as Book and Bed hotel in Tokyo that has a smaller collection.
    In the end, for those likely to be located near this hotel, the price of a 30-room room is affordable and is $ 90 per night.


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