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The monkey beat the Zoo Keeper!

By: ExtraFunnyPicture On: October 31, 2017
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  • The chimpanzee Romeo from Ukraine misunderstood the communication between his beloved Julia and the Zoo keeper. So he ran to the guard of the zoo, which was eventually "beaten" by the monkey Romeo ...

    In love with the chimpanzees whose names are Romeo and Juliet have already become a famous pair of Ukrainian ZOO garden, but recently a bizarre incident has gone.
    Monkey Romeo was angry after Julia tried to kiss zoologist Sergei through the glass. First he began to hit her, and when the guard tried to separate them, he also attacked him.
    In that battle, the monkey "beat up" Sergei's zoo guard and bite off a piece of his right ear and struck him under his eye with all his might, which makes the unfortunate keeper have a huge "plum"
    Of course, Sergei managed to escape the jealous Rome monkey and go to the hospital where he is urgently taken care of.The beaten keeper of the zooHospital deputy Andrej Kozachenko told local media:
    "His right ear and fingers of the left hand are crushed, and from these bites, some parts of his ear and fingers are missing. We have done everything in our power to save what is saved to"

    They also reported from the ZOO Feldman Ecopark, located in the Kharkiv region in the east of Ukraine.
    "Chimpanzees are an extremely dangerous animal with strong jaws and can easily kill a man. Our guard was not supposed to enter the cage, because he had kept chimpanzee for six years and did not think he could reach it," said Valeria Ivašenko, zoo patrol.
    Sergeant Sergei affirmed his connection with Rome and Juliet and said that something like this has not happened before. He is convinced that Romeo was attacked by jealousy, and he only wanted to protect his beloved Monkey Julius.
    Otherwise, the monkey couple received the first offspring a few months ago.


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