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Behind the human civilization are aliens ?!

By: ExtraFunnyPicture On: October 31, 2017
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  • Controversial experts and conspiracy theorists think that humans, aliens have created us and brought us to Earth ?! What if we are humans in fact aliens that we are looking for all the time? ....

    According to a few experts, people are most likely created by crossing another type, and probably it is someone who originates from the star system Alpha Kentauri, which is one of the closest solar systems to Earth.
    The Tell Al-Uhaymir town in modern Iraq, where the ancient Sumerian city of Kish was once located, is where archaeologists have found one of the oldest documents on the planet Earth's Kish plate, which they believe date from the year 3500 before Hirst
    In the Sumerian list of kings it is stated that Kish (Kish) was the first city to have kings, and in Lists it is described in detail that in the distant past our eight mysterious kings ruled for 241 thousand years!
    The list even states that they "have come down from the sky," and even though this list reveals an incredible story that many call conspiracy theories, scientists do not have a logical explanation for it to date.
    The first fragment of the text is about 4,000 years old and was discovered by Hermann Vollrath Hilprecht at the site of the ancient Nipur. Since then, 18 other examples of such a list have been found, and most of them originate from the time of the second half of the dynasty of Isin - between 2017 and 1794 p.n.e.
    In 5 cities 8 kings; they ruled for 241,200 years. Then the flood was overturned ... "- it is written in the first part of the King Sumerian List. The king's list clearly states that eight of them (and in some versions and ten) ruled before a major flood, which is associated with the Biblical Flood.
    Likewise, there are eight generations between Adama and Noah, which pulls parallel with eight Sumerian kings. However, as it is possible that the kings could rule for thousands of years, and if they really were, then then they were definitely not people. It is precisely this one of the arguments of today's experts and theorists of conspiracy who believe that humans have created and brought aliens to Earth.
    In other ancient texts such as Popol Vuh, known as the Holy Book of the Quiche of the great Mayan family, it is written that "the powers of the heavens created man". Similar allegations can be found in the Qur'an, as well as in Japanese legends of departure.

    Ancient astronauts - Anunnaki
    The gods worshiped by the inhabitants of the "cradle of civilization", Mesopotamia, are actually "ancient astronauts," who have come to Earth from the planet Nibiru to take the supplies of gold and other ores and take them to their planet. This is the claim of Zachary Sitchin, who called the "astronauts" Anunnaki after interpreting the Sumerian records in his own way.
    Sitchcin never hated that he had no education to read Sumerian tiles, but many believed his interpretations. It says that 50 Anunnaki on Earth had landed 400,000 years ago, and after they were tired of digging ore, "they created" workers-slaves.old civilizations aliens 2At the same time they made a model of a man called "Adapa", which we today know as Adam. Sitchin claims that the Anunnaki were present on Earth until they saw that people were capable of independent life. The fact that people managed to survive the Ice Age Anunaki was enough and destroyed all traces of its existence and returned to the plain Nibiru.
    According to Sitchin's theory, their parent planet orbits around the Earth and passes through the Solar System. In addition to the Earth, it passes every 3,600 years when a new "Renaissance at cyclical intervals" occurs on Earth. He claimed that the planet Nibiru "is very far away and it is hidden by the sun," which makes it impossible to find.
    Apparently orbiting the Earth in an elongated ellipse. He claims that for that reason, there is no evidence that he really exists. Modern scientists, of course, did not support Sitchin's theory because they say that there is no proof of the planet Nibiru. There is no evidence that people "created" Anunnaki.
    An unusual issue of evolution
    It was a relatively short time, probably a few millennium years ago, from the first hominid that walked across the Earth, and that's precisely what is one of the greatest scientific questions of all time, why only our species came to this, the sake of advanced technological intelligence?
    Apparently, on the planet Earth, nothing is as advanced as humans, because although there are other intelligent species, they are not able to produce our technology.?!
    Still, imagine for a moment that humankind for some reason must return to the jungle and survive there. Numerous scientists agree that people are not very adaptable to a wide range of environments, ie, In other words, most people will not survive long in the jungle.
    In addition to human intelligence, biologists have also noticed the contradictions between human physiology and those of other species on earth. For example, when the horse is born, it can walk and function almost independently until again, a human baby can not do it, which makes us quite helpless.

     In other words, we were born before we are neurologically ready for life, and researchers say that this is just one of the vulnerabilities that accompany our intelligence. According to the new theory presented by dr. Ellis Silver, humans did not evolve parallel to other species on Earth.In her book "Humans are not from Earth: a scientific evaluation of the evidence," she analyzes as many as 13 leading hypotheses that humans are not from the Earth.
    Among the evidence, it is said that as the most advanced species in the world unusually sensitive to sunlight, prone to chronic diseases, we do not like raw food, we have back pains, etc ..
    People like hybrid species
    Dr. Ellis believes that some of these physical indicators reveal that people are encouraging, or that they have evolved to another planet, and that a much more developed species has brought us to Earth. As one of the fun, yet unusual options, the idea is that "Earth is a planet of imprisonment," since people are naturally aggressive and maybe left here until we learn how to behave.
    Furthermore, geneticist Robert Sepher states that according to modern DNA sequencing, humanity as we know it is not just "one race" that originates from our ancestors from Africa, but a hybrid species, with a substantially enigmatic background of origin. He believes that these ancient aliens plan and genetically alter primitive human species, creating stronger and "more adequate beings" that served as slaves in the distant past.
    Sepher, in his work "A Type With Amnesia: Our Forbidden Past", highlights some unusual questions, and mentions an enigmatic blood type 0, which he believes is, among other things, the legacy of Anunnaki on Earth.
    He thinks that highly advanced civilizations were on Earth before us, but that they were destroyed by a global catastrophe. Thus, for every species that is extinct, a new one came to its place, and in their vanity, people think that they have discovered some great truths about science and technology, but in fact we just begin to understand the deep wisdom of the previous civilizations.
    Aliens built the pyramid Theory that Erich von Däniken had had aliens in the old civilizations. Von Däniken was horribly popular during the 1960s and 1970s after numerous TV shows.
    In his broadcasts, he explained that the pyramids in Giza, Stonehenge and the Moai sculptures were built by aliens in Easter Island, or they conveyed the necessary knowledge to people. As 40 years ago, archaeologists did not know as much as they know today, Von Däniken could argue that everything is "guilty" of being from other planets. He was in great agreement with Sitchin's theory.
    Pyramid EmulsifiersAccording to the official doctrine of the pyramids in Egypt, they were built for centuries, and were built by workers and slaves to their rulers for "going to a different life". Egyptian pyramids originated in the period between 2650 and 2550 BC, and the way of building the pyramids in archaeological science is still a great debate and mystery.
    There are a number of theories that are contradicting claims that a man could not himself have made such impressive buildings. Von Däniken's idea is largely overwhelmed by the idea that human aliens had to help build a pyramid, because people with that knowledge and technology would never be able to do it!
    Archeology has broken many things in the last few decades. Hieroglyphics on pyramids Von Däniken found evidence in hieroglyphs on pyramids in Giza and elsewhere that allegedly describe flying objects, i.e. space ships etc ...
    On one of these drawings the circle from which the light emanates appears, and it looks like a "flying saucer". Below is the man holding his hands in the air toward the flying object. Von Däniken says the Egyptians described the departure of "ancient aliens" from Earth.
    The historians again explained that this "sun disc", for which Von Däniken claims that flying saucers actually represent the universal god of the Sun, Amon Raa. The gigantic size of the kings seen on the hieroglyphs comes from it because it is believed that the Pharaohs are descendants of the gods and are therefore drawn in supernatural size. They do not see the main reason in aliens, but in the "fashion" of that period.
    Moai statues could not be built by the Polynesians. Since it was not clear enough or how Moai sculptures were built on Easter Island, Von Däniken also attributed it to "ancient aliens". It says that the sculptures are too buried buried in the ground and are too big for people to carry and build them themselves, especially since there are almost no wooden materials on the island that they could use. He also said that ancient civilizations made sculptures with "strange" faces because they describe extraterrestrials.
    Miniature aircraft
    The miniature sculptures from South America that resemble planes are allegedly evidence that "pre-war civilizations" had a very developed technology, but some were a catastrophe, some say, and a nuclear war has always been erased.

     However, it is more probable that these figures actually show insects, butterflies and fish, but this fact theoreticians of the conspiracy of "ancient aliens" never wanted to admit. To prove that figurines show aircraft, they made a model of a plane according to the figurine design.
    An ancient pyramid plane
    The model has proven that with the help of a modern engine the figure figure can fly. Theorists emphasized in their works that the figurines are related to aliens because they consider that man's "dream of flying" is spurred by space ships.


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